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Does Coconut Oil Cause Acne?

Hi loves! I keep getting this question so I'm going to quickly give you the deets on coconut oil and acne-prone skin.

The answer is tricky. Here's what you need to know.

If you currently have acne, do not use coconut oil on your face. It can exacerbate breakouts since it's comedogenic and I've seen it be problematic for many acne-sufferers.

However, it's not the root cause of acne and this is important to note. Remember, not everyone who uses coconut oil as a facial moisturizer gets acne. I know people who love it.

Only those whose skin is already prone to acne should avoid it and watch for it on ingredients list of their products. This is important because there is a deeper root cause of the acne. By targeting that root cause with a specific approach, you can clear the acne from the root.

However, you can use coconut oil on your body, if you don't have any back or body acne. I love using coconut oil in the summertime. Here's 3 reasons why.

1. Coconut oil acts as a natural SPF. It's very low however, under 7 SPF, so don't think this will protect you from sunburn during a day at the beach.

2. Coconut oil is natural and non-toxic. It is literally a 1 ingredient moisturizer, so you're not adding any toxins into your body.

3. It adds a slight natural shine to your skin and makes it glow.

So if you haven't already, grab some organic coconut oil, scoop it into a separate glass jar, and put it in your bathroom to try as a body moisturizer.

*Bonus tip. It smells like sweet, sweet summer. I do loooove summer.

**Bonus bonus tip. Don't get the processed, liquid form known as fractionated coconut oil. It should be solid when at room temperature.

No go enjoy your coconut-y glow!

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